The Center for Effective Discipline (CED) is a program of Gundersen Health System’s Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center (GNCPTC). CED provides educational information based on current peer-reviewed research to the public on the effects and risk factors associated with the use of corporal punishment on children. Effective alternatives usin positive and proactive discipline are provided.

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It Hurts Me More Than it Hurts You: In Words and Pictures, Children Share How Spanking Hurts and What to Do Instead

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This eye-opening book is written and illustrated by those most affected by spanking — children. Their words and drawings show that spanking doesn't result in the behaviors parents and teachers desire. Instead, it sows seeds of pain, despair, anger, humiliation, confusion, anger — and the continuation of a cycle of violence. The children also share what disciplinary tactics are effective. Parents and child-care professionals may be shocked to find that reasoned discussions, loss of privileges, "timeouts," and the opportunity to atone for misbehaviors work better than spanking.

The book is edited by Nadine Block, a board member of the National Child Protection Training Center, and Dr. Madeleine Gomez, a clinical psychologist. They have spent decades studying the effects of physical punishment on children. They selected the drawings and essays for this book from materials created during child-involved parenting programs and from submissions to The editors are parents and grandparents. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the National Child Protection Training Center for its Center for Effective Discipline programs that teach positive discipline of children.

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